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Toronto: (647) 713-7133

Montreal: (514) 999-1238

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Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Services in Ontario

Mr. Raccoon has been providing wildlife removal as well as pest control services in Ontario for almost 10 years. Refer to our service map to see if you are qualified for a free on-site estimate!

One-stop shop wildlife removal and pest control service with long-lasting results

  • Attic Inspection
  • Reporting and Customized Solution
  • Wildlife Animal Removal and Pest Extermination
  • Animal Proofing to prevent re-entering
  • Damage Repair and Attic Strengthening

Certified Wildlife Removal & Pest Control in GTA and Beyond


We have helped over 25,000 customers across Ontario


100% guaranteed removal with 1-year labor warranty


Top-quality material with 15 -year warranty

  • Same day appointment and emergency service
  • Quote by calling; no hidden fee
  • Customized solution in order to maximize protection
  • Humane removal by certified exterminators


  • Celia Huang
    Very satisfied and pleased with the service provided. The specialist is very helpful and has a wealth of knowledge. They explained the details of how the animals behaves are like and what they gonna do to prevent further issues. They visited my house more then 2 times to follow up! Great ppl and amazing service !! Will definitely referral !
    Celia Huang
  • Edwin ZEng
    Came and serviced my house in several occasions. Had raccoons and squirrels removed professionally. They also followed up with sanitization of the affected areas! Will wholeheartedly recommend their service!
    Edwin ZEng
  • Eric Lai
    Very good animal removal service, I got skunks under my backyard shed, their team is very professional to determine the cause, and provide effective way to remove them, nice team, good job!
    Eric Lai

Our Works: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control

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August 8, 2021

Watch out! When the little ones grow old enough, they can spray as far as 10 ft.

July 27, 2021

11 baby skunks

October 27, 2019
blog mr raccoon working truck

Important Facts You Must Know Before Calling Wildlife Animal Removal and Pest Control Services

When unwanted wildlife animals and pests from outside invade your home, it would often become a nuisance, and then an overwhelming headache for homeowners to deal with.
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